The Hague (or Den Haag in Dutch) is a city that many expats call home. Most people who live here work at one of the embassies, consulates or multinational companies that are located in the city. A large amount of expats also work at the International Court of Justice, which is located in The Hague, Netherlands. To whichever group you belong. Everybody needs housing.

For this reason is started. This website is here to help expats find housing in The Hague for longer or shorter time. You can find companies that can help you find apartments and houses in The Hague or surrounding cities. From these areas the commute to and from work will be an easy task.

Find housing and more…

To make life easier in this new city you are living in we will also share some useful information regarding other companies. A big problem under the group of expat people living in The Hague is not knowing where to find certain companies that are essential to live a normal life.

If your tooth is aching. Where do you find a good dentist? If you need a haircut. Where do you find a good hairdresser? If you are sick. Where do you find a good doctor in The Hague?

To help you with these problems we work together with This website is the tour guide for every expat living in Den Haag. They can help you find all the essential companies that everyone needs in daily life.

Welcome to The Hague

Now that you know how to find housing and companies that are essential to everyone’s daily life. It is time to get to know the city of The Hague even better. The best way to do this in a short time is by watching the video below. In ‘Welcome to the Hague’, presenter Kee Huidekoper shows you the best The Hague has to offer in terms of culture, shopping, culinary delights, activities and business. A bustling city by the sea!

Welcome to The Hague / Den Haag!