Melancholy takes over when you understand that time machine has not been devised and you will not be turning back twenty or thirty and do a fast Google search. But then your head snaps and you understand that anti-aging skin care has improved over the passing of time. And, whatever you have to do is locate an excellent doctor near The Hague who can take years from your own face off with one straightforward shot. Botox in Den Haag treatment is quite common these days and nearly everybody is getting it done. Though a lot has improved there’s always room for mistakes and uncertainties. We know for sure the treatment works, but even though there’s still a lot of misconception about Botox.


Here six myths that have been debunked about the Botox treatment:

1 – You are not able to show emotions

This really is not in any respect accurate! If the treatment is done naturally and correctly, Botox will make it possible for you to express emotions and seem fantastic. It is possible to express emotion of happiness that’ll cause you to look astounding. This can be great as studies reveal the less you feel upset depressed and the less sad you happen to be.

2 – Botox are the same as fillers

Dermal Fillers and Botox both are two treatments and function otherwise, though both these treatments reduce the look of wrinkles. Dermal Fillers restores while the muscles that create wrinkles ease its giving you a youthful look and adds volume.

3 – Botox Shots Are Highly Hazardous For The Face

Another myth is that Botox is dangerous to your body. Well that is false, any reputable physician will never inject anything into the body that’s dangerous to your health. Botox is safe to your skin and body when injected into the body in right proportions, the same as any drug.

4 – Botox Shots Are Extremely Painful

Botox shots are as painless as they may be believed to be. Botox treatment is also called “lunch rest shot” because it is an easy and rapid process and does not have any breaks in between.

It is likely that that after receiving a Botox treatment you are going to not feel so bad the results in the treatment will cause you to feel amazing. It is possible you will need to have continued treatment to keep that look that is fantastic, but it is next to impossible your body will feel addicted to the Botox treatment.

5 – Botox Is A Volatile Toxin

Totally wrong!

6 – Botox is very expensive

Bogus, when Botox treatment was new in the beauty business at that time it was not cheap. But with the progress of technology and its uses Botox has become quite affordable and it can be also afforded by common people.

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